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Monday - Saturday
1. Main
Our main section is brighter, easier to navigate and features insightful and up-to-date news, analysis and commentary.
  • The most widely read section of the newspaper.
  • Connects our readers with relevant news, analysis, features and columns spanning Hong Kong, the mainland, Asia and the world.
  • Daily sections include: Day by Day, China, Asia, World, Opinion and Insights.
2. Business
Hong Kong's business leaders need a source of information they can trust, which is why the South China Morning Post is the number one publication for Hong Kong's business elite.
  • Monday to Saturday.
  • Covers major business stories, industry updates, management issues, legal advice, executive moves and more.
3. City
Hong Kong's vibrant community wants to know what's going on in town. The City section is the place to go for the latest news from the city that never sleeps, as well as a guide to understanding Hong Kong, and a forum for debate and action.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • Covers Hong Kong news and analysis, Society, Events, TV programmes.
  • Daily Sudoku, crossword, cartoons and horoscopes.
  • Sports coverage.
4. City Weekend
Provides fascinating reads on Hong Kong's who's who and features that will spark lively discussion for the weekend. City Weekend will ensure our readers are kept well-informed.
  • Published every Saturday.
  • Features key news and information about Hong Kong.
  • Sports coverage.
The SCMP's new LIFE broadsheet, appears within the City section of the newspaper five days a week. Created in response to readers' demands, LIFE makes use of the best content around to give readers more of what they want, more often.

Life is a living guide of a wide range of lively yet authoritative stories about life and lifestyles in Hong Kong, China and the region. Dedicated pages divided into category as follows:
  • Monday: Digital Life
  • Tuesday: Fitness and Well-being
  • Wednesday: Fashion and Luxury
  • Thursday: Arts and Entertainment
  • Friday: Food and Drink
6. Property
Published every Wednesday, our Property section provides readers with expert articles on the local, regional and international real estate markets. Showcasing Hong Kong's top real estate for sale or rent, as well as indispensable insights into interior design, this weekly section is a valuable source of information for property investors and homemakers alike.

7. Directory
Published in the City section give specialized information throughout the week.
  • Property, Motors and Boats, Notices, and Services Guide all delivered to specialist markets for focused marketing.
  • An invaluable resource for these sectors - customer ads combined with editorial content.
8. Racing Post
Pick a winner with Racing Post, the South China Morning Post's comprehensive race-day companion to Hong Kong's most popular sporting pastime.

9. Young Post
Reaching 90 per cent of Hong Kong's secondary schools, Young Post is an English-language learning tool and a fun, stimulating educational read that generations of Hongkongers have grown up with. Loved by teachers and students alike, Young Post is the best environment for your brand to capture the imaginations and hearts of tomorrow's university students and educated customers.
  • Published everyday, from Sunday to Friday
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