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{"item_id":27,"field_ad_option_name":"LREC","field_ad_option_screenshot":["http:\/\/advertising.scmp.com\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/screenshot_750\/public\/01_tablet_LREC.jpg?itok=eJll9au1"],"field_ad_option_data":"{\r\n \"tables\": [\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"\",\r\n \"columns\": [\r\n \"Dimension\",\r\n \"File size\",\r\n \"File format\",\r\n \"Remarks\"\r\n ],\r\n \"rows\": [\r\n {\"col0\": \"300x250\", \"col1\": \"< 200 kb\", \"col2\": \"JPEG \/ Animated GIF \/ HTML5\", \"col3\": \"Week-buy basis (Mon to Sun) at 100% SOV\"}\r\n ],\r\n \"footnote\":\"A cross-platform and simple yet effective format widely used by advertisers to boost both awareness and engagement on desktop and mobile devices.\"\r\n } \r\n ]\r\n}","field_ad_option_banner_area":null}