Audi HK Magazine

Accelerate your marketing and gain pole position for your message. Audi HK Magazine is the city's first premium publication dedicated to high-end automobile enthusiasts, and lets you speed ahead to reach affluent, influential readers.

The engine of Audi HK Magazine is powered by an engaging road map of captivating bilingual content including upscale news and activites that match readers' sophistication, tastes and habits. Every issue is fully loaded with exciting features of interestto Audi owners, including local and international Audi news and automobile topics, and a variety of lifestyle features attractive to Audi enthusiasts such as dining, fashion, arts and culture.

  • Distribution: Audi VIPs in Hong Kong, South China Morning Post print subscription and newsstands at strategic locations. Also available at selected airport lounges, private clubs, high-end residential clubhouses and deluxe restaurants.
  • To learn more about our wide range of print products, contact us
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