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South China Morning Post - Directory

Published in an easy-to-read format, these sections give specialised information from Monday to Saturday.

  • Property, Motors and Boats, Notices and Services Guide all delivered to specialist markets for focused marketing.
  • Customer ads featuring in such a focused section providing our readers an invaluable resource for these sectors.
  • Published in the CITY section from Monday to Friday, and in the Business section on Saturday.
To learn more about our wide range of print products, contact us
{"item_id":"371","field_ad_option_name":"All","field_ad_option_screenshot":["http:\/\/advertising.scmp.com\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/screenshot_265\/public\/directory_530x720_0.jpg?itok=yQY_kpPZ"],"field_ad_option_data":"{\r\n \"tables\": [\r\n {\r\n \"name\": \"\",\r\n \"columns\": [\r\n \"Section\",\r\n \"Position \\\/ Size\",\r\n \"B\\\/W \",\r\n \"Spot Colour \",\r\n \"Full Colour \"\r\n ],\r\n \"rows\": [\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Property\",\r\n \"col1\": \"ROP\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 221,\r\n \"usd\": 28,\r\n \"rmb\": 221\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 254,\r\n \"usd\": 33,\r\n \"rmb\": 254\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 288,\r\n \"usd\": 37,\r\n \"rmb\": 288\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Motors & Boats\",\r\n \"col1\": \"ROP\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 228,\r\n \"usd\": 29,\r\n \"rmb\": 228\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 262,\r\n \"usd\": 34,\r\n \"rmb\": 262\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 297,\r\n \"usd\": 38,\r\n \"rmb\": 297\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Notices\",\r\n \"col1\": \"ROP\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 221,\r\n \"usd\": 28,\r\n \"rmb\": 221\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 295,\r\n \"usd\": 38,\r\n \"rmb\": 295\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 444,\r\n \"usd\": 57,\r\n \"rmb\": 444\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Services Guide\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 3cm (H) x 3col\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 61,\r\n \"usd\": 8,\r\n \"rmb\": 61\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 69,\r\n \"usd\": 9,\r\n \"rmb\": 69\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 78,\r\n \"usd\": 10,\r\n \"rmb\": 78\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Services Guide\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 3cm (H) x 3col (30 consecutive days)\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 56,\r\n \"usd\": 7,\r\n \"rmb\": 56\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 64,\r\n \"usd\": 8,\r\n \"rmb\": 64\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 71,\r\n \"usd\": 9,\r\n \"rmb\": 71\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Miscellaneous\",\r\n \"col1\": \"ROP\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 228,\r\n \"usd\": 29,\r\n \"rmb\": 228\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 262,\r\n \"usd\": 34,\r\n \"rmb\": 262\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 297,\r\n \"usd\": 38,\r\n \"rmb\": 297\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Specified Position\",\r\n \"col1\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col2\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"usd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"rmb\": \"+20%\"\r\n },\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"usd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"rmb\": \"+20%\"\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"usd\": \"+20%\",\r\n \"rmb\": \"+20%\"\r\n }\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n \"footnote\": \"Minimum size for ROP is 3cm (H) x 1col unless specified\\nRates are calculated in 10 Columns unless specified\\n \\nAll rates are expressed in corresponding currency (HKD, USD or RMB): rates printed in WHITE BACKGROUND are total cost per insertion; rates printed in BLUE BACKGROUND are per single column centimetre.\"\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n}","field_ad_option_banner_area":"http:\/\/advertising.scmp.com\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/width_1180\/public\/area_2.jpg?itok=QDXJh4q6"}