Bridging the Divide Between TV & Digital

October 30, 2019
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As part of our series on the Top 10 Burning Issues in Local Television, today’s blog discusses Comscore’s endeavors to bridge the divide between TV and digital.  Earlier this month, during Comscore’s annual Local TV Agency & Sales Conference, EVP of Local Services Steve Walsh discussed the industry’s need to access integrated measurement across all screens. Let’s dive deeper here.

The Need:

Platform convergence is our new reality as the lines continue to blur between traditional and digital media distribution and consumption. Differences in the way each medium has historically been measured demand better alignment to make cross-platform measurement usable in the local marketplace.

Consumers today have countless options for what to watch and how to watch it. The media ecosystem is complex and fragmented, but amid this shifting landscape, traditional TV remains a powerful means to reach and engage audiences. TV is, by far, still the dominant medium for reaching consumers – but times are changing. While digital is the consumer’s tool for researching purchase options, TV remains marketers’ go-to medium for building brand awareness.

The obvious questions are: how can marketers increase the effectiveness of their TV budgets? how can broadcasters and agencies better understand and transact upon the unduplicated impressions and reach of their campaigns in this highly fragmented, cross-platform world we live in?

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