Consumers Turning to Home Improvement Projects During Lockdown

May 19, 2020
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This article is part of a series of insights that reveal the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on online consumer behaviour. 

As consumers across Europe adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, Comscore data has shown that many of those confined to home have decided to tackle home improvement projects they may have been putting off. With a combination of bank holidays and the desire to improve our new home office, we have seen a significant increase in visits to online home improvement websites and apps, and this analysis will dig deeper into two of these categories. First, we look at “Home Furnishings Retail”, where consumers can purchase furniture and decorative items. Sites such as Wayfair or IKEA fall into this category. Secondly, we look at “Home/Architecture”, which provide information/reviews on architectural design, decorating, home improvements and gardening. Sites such as Gardeners World or Real Homes fall into this category.

Home Furnishing Retail Sites
The data suggests that many do-it-yourself consumers are utilising time at home during the lockdown to take on new or old projects, as we have seen a marked increase in visits to these websites and apps. Compared to the week of Jan 13-19, 2020, visits to the home furnishings category has increased in all EU5 countries, with a 71% increase in France and a 57% increase in the UK, in the week of April 20 – 26, 2020.

Although for some countries home and hardware stores were considered essential and stayed open, some consumers may have been reluctant to visit them in person, favouring online shopping instead. In the UK for example, big-name hardware stores made headlines as they struggled to cope with the surge in online demand.

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