Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates 45th anniversary

June 21, 2018
SCMP Updates
Dedicated SCMP web channel drives subscription while reflecting on the evolution and importance of this Hong Kong cultural fixture

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, and drive subscription for its 2018/2019 season, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra sought the assistance of SCMP’s Advertising & Marketing Solutions to reach the right audience with the right passion for music.

Faced with the challenge of conveying a dual message to music admirers, content experts from SCMP’s team recommended creating a dedicated web channel to tie-in the two objectives, featuring customised content to highlight the importance of the Philharmonic’s role in Hong Kong culture, against a backdrop of the organisation’s anniversary after more than four decades.

For the proposed two content episodes, SCMP conducted interviews with the Philharmonic’s senior leaders to produce an in-depth introduction to the upcoming programmes, in addition to an in-person backstage interview with a handpicked musician to be launched in August, presenting both tracks via a theme of parallel growth between the Philharmonic and the renowned musician.

The tailored content highlights interesting aspects of the Philharmonic’s endeavours, including how it remains focused on reverence as a time-honoured institution, while staying relevant for audiences (such as with its screenings of the Star Wars saga accompanied by live orchestral performances).

To promote the dedicated web channel, the SCMP team leveraged Facebook, eDMs and banners on SCMP.com, targeting the audience most receptive to the Philharmonic’s meaningful message of music appreciation and support.

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