How comScore Activation Helps Marketers and Publishers Improve Targeting amid Growing Industry Complexity

April 11, 2018
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As new challenges emerge in the digital ad ecosystem, marketers and publishers may be wondering what effect the latest developments have on their advertising and packaging strategies. At comScore, we’ve received a lot of great questions from our clients about this industry evolution and what we can do to help – which we’re more than happy to answer.

When it comes to sophisticated ad targeting, digital comes with the possibility of incredible specificity, but also unique challenges. Our clients are eager to protect their campaigns from unsafe contexts, fraud and wasted spend, and they look to comScore to help them identify and leverage content likely to appeal to their target consumers.

Our contextual targeting solution – comScore Activation – is precise, powerful and painless.  From helping clients activate campaigns that result in brand-safe, relevant delivery to providing cookie-free insights that can be used to strategically hit key demographics, Activation helps you reach the right person with the right message in the right place.

The illustrations and examples below provide answers to some of the more common questions we’ve heard, and hopefully spark ideas for how you can use this data to improve your marketing and monetisation strategies through the rest of 2018 and beyond.

“I want to identify and target content that is…"

Brand Safety: The content surrounding your ad matters. This statement is perhaps no more profound than with brand safety. Dominating headlines in recent years and causing PR nightmares across verticals, brand safety issues can derail even the most thought-out campaigns and the most renowned brands. To avoid these issues, robust descriptive protection filters coupled with custom keyword avoidance is critical. Using our advanced pattern-profiling technology – which is capable of understanding content in numerous languages – our clients are achieving optimal brand protection without having to over-cautiously block and unnecessarily sacrifice reach.  

Contextual Relevance: It's important that our clients' ads not only appear in safe contexts, but also in content that encourages consumers to engage with ad messages. This requires an extensive breadth of categorised content – based on hundreds of standard IAB categories – as well as the ability to apply custom taxonomies and keyword targets,to create granularity beyond what keyword or semantic approaches alone can achieve. With these tools, our clients have built and executed their campaigns against sophisticated targeting criteria to enable ad delivery that is relevant to consumer interests.

Quality Delivery: We continue to hear from our clients that quality in programmatic is a major issue. With budgets and ad spend at stake, they need reliable data to make sure they're achieving advertising goals without wasting spend. Tapping into the same insights from our flagship digital advertising and audience products, clients use Viewability and Invalid Traffic scores, as well as Media Rankings and Page Quality data, to ensure and optimise for high-quality ad delivery at pre-bid.

Audience Composition: Amid growing industry complexity, marketers and agencies need creative, cookie-free effective ways to reach their intended demographic targets. To help them, we’ve tapped in to our industry-leading panel and massive census network to provide a solution. Leveraging the same technology that powers the MMX suite, clients can apply page-level data and compositional indices to strategically deliver ads to specific Age and Gender segments.

With Activation, we are helping clients close the advertising loop by providing consistent data throughout the lifecycles of their campaigns. This has given our advertiser, agency and media owner clients increased power to not only succeed with individual campaigns, but also to apply insights to future strategies for long-term growth.

The possibilities are endless, but the benefits are clear: improved ROI through increased quality and relevance of content. To learn more, click here.


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