In HK, the way to affluent shoppers’ wallets is through… information

December 11, 2017
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Affluent shoppers are more likely than others to be turned on by your offering if you give them detail and share user ratings. 

In a market which has faced a retailing downturn and which has been slow to adopt e-commerce, many brands face the challenge of getting HK’s wealthiest consumers to buy more online.  Kantar TNS’ Connected Life 2017 reveals that among HK’s top third wealthiest consumers who use online to buy groceries, information is the key differentiating driver for them doing so. 
Why do you shop online?  (For groceries)
  Low & Medium Income High Income
It’s easy & fast 60% 64%
I get more choice 25% 28%
I get better quality 16% 20%
I get better information 21% 31%
Of course, making the online grocery shopping experience fast and easy is imperative for retailers.  This is the case for all shoppers.  Then it comes down to providing choice, quality and information.
More choice may be a challenge, especially for smaller retailers who lack the power to negotiate profitably with all brands and who may not have the scale of infrastructure to support them.  Quality does show some leverage potential among high income shoppers, but it is not a big driver for the decision to shop for groceries online.  Providing information is an interesting opportunity if targeting premium customers because:
  1. Information is a key pathway for earning trust in a connected world
  2. Information is relatively inexpensive to provide
What information do affluent consumers seek? 
  • They want more details about products
  • They want more user reviews and ratings  
Questions for online grocery retailers:
  1. Are your reviews spam free?
  2. Is the online experience you offer tailored to the profiles of your users?  For instance, are wealthier visitors provided with more detailed content when they click a “Learn more” button? 
Questions for marketers:
  1. Does clicking “Learn more” also give users the option of going directly to the correct product information page on the brand’s website?
  2. The desire for information is deep.  Are your OFFLINE channel partners and stores geared up to provide more information to affluent shoppers when asked to do so?  For instance, are you giving extra information support at point of sale to retail outlets located in affluent areas of HK? 
  3. Are you providing retail partners with different degrees of product information depth, so they can scale it according to user segments or profiles?
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