Join the Brand of the Future Summit on Dec 18, 2020

December 16, 2020
Industry News
2020 is an unusual year. With the pressure brought by the pandemic, all brands are forced to get used to the new business landscape. Countless new faces are flooding into the market in the second half of the year under the new consumption wave, attracting attention from peers. While some new brands learn the ropes as they go; others fly their own colours, showcasing their core brand values and building customer trust which eventually turns into their brand assets. One shall not miss out the classic brands which continue to be the market pioneers - All these brands are conveying the same message: The importance of delivering brand value

Organised by SocialOne, the Brand of the Future Summit will address some of the core questions in building and delivering brand values, including:
  • Reveal how the most trusted brands in the market build customer trust
  • Discuss some of the latest technology and marketing tactics that build brands
  • Brand sustainability: Qualities that a brand possess to sustain success into the future and how brand owners can create a high-quality brand experience and implement unique brand values
  • The rise of new brands: How new brands can survive under the new consumption wave and become a leader in an ever-changing market and more
Join the one-day conference on December 18 in Shanghai, where you can expect presentations and panel discussions from 30+ top brands executives, with 25+ themes and 6 tracks from new and classic brands' perspective into brand building.

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