Morning Studio investigates how AI is influencing everyday lives, while raising awareness of the Internet Economy Summit

May 29, 2019
SCMP Updates
This holistic approach comprised branded channel written and illustrated content across four episodes, a panel discussion, social media posts and banner ads

The Internet Economy Summit collaborated with SCMP to raise awareness of and encourage thought leaders to attend the two-day data, technology and connectivity event.

Held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 15 and 16, the summit looked at our digital future, and how the internet of things, enterprise 4.0, virtual marketplaces, cybersecurity and fintech are disrupting our lives. It also introduced the opportunities open to entrepreneurs and businesses in the digital realm.

This is the fourth year the Internet Economy Summit has been held in Hong Kong, and SCMP has partnered with the event to build excitement, and to encourage thought leaders and industry stakeholders to take part.

The outcome is a dedicated branded content channel called “Digital Makers of the Future”, created by Morning Studio, SCMP’s branded content division, for the SCMP site and related platforms.  

“Digital Makers of the Future” comprised four episodes, featuring interviews with experts in AI, digital innovation, fintech and more, about new technologies and their influence on everything from business to health and wellness.

The first episode launched on March 27, looked at how AI and robotics are affecting manufacturing, the way we learn, and much more, so that work, life and learning are set to transform. The second episode considered the impact of technology and data on finance, while the third looked at the use of AI and algorithms in Facebook and Amazon’s advertising. The fourth investigated the challenges individuals and governments face when adopting new technologies.

Morning Studio worked with four international illustrators to create highly appealing, original imagery to accompany the stories, and to bring the stories to life.

In addition, SCMP’s technology expert, Bien Perez, hosted a panel discussion at the Internet Economy Summit regarding blockchain’s impact on trade finance.

Taking a comprehensive approach to its content strategy for the project, Morning Studio appealed to readers through engaging stories and illustrations, two eDMs, plus Facebook and LinkedIn posts targeting Hong Kong’s tech and business communities, drawing in 3,000 attendees to the event. A banner ad on has resulted in 400,000 impressions worldwide.

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