Private Banking Directory to decipher Xi Jinping’s new term

May 24, 2018
SCMP Updates
Hong Kong’s most comprehensive Private Banking reference will include a bevy of must-read content relevant to the city’s highest net-worth individuals

The deadline is fast approaching (May 25) for those wishing to place their messages in SCMP’s upcoming Private Banking Directory. This is an ideal opportunity to reach Hong Kong’s highest net-worth individuals, including elite investors, bankers and other captains of industry.

The Private Banking Directory is created to be the city’s most comprehensive and handy reference on Private Banking, and will include must-read content of great relevance to its ultra high net-worth audience, including discussing the recent turmoil in global equities and consequences for Hong Kong and China stocks, today’s wealth managers’ evolving role in facilitating proactive investment for their wealthy clients, Xi Jinping’s new term and new PBOC governor, and other compelling content.

Be sure to book your placement before May 25. Simply call 25652379 or email to [email protected]
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