Sky’s the limit for Hong Kong in Belt & Road

May 29, 2019
SCMP Updates
Branded campaign leverages Fourth Aviation Silk Road International Conference as marketing catalyst for raising awareness of Hong Kong’s role as crucial aviation hub

China’s Belt & Road mega-infrastructure project is a vast undertaking of unprecedented scale in human history. Related to this grand transcontinental vision is the smaller, yet no less significant Greater Bay Area project, encompassing many cities within the historical Pearl River Delta region, not least being Hong Kong.

To raise awareness of this city’s crucial role as an aviation hub within the context of the Greater Bay Area, the Belt & Road Hong Kong Centre sought the assistance of Morning Studio, SCMP’s creative arm dedicated to the creation of branded content for reaching targeted market audiences, to help leverage The Fourth Aviation Silk Road International Conference (held in Hong Kong on April 2, 2019) as a marketing catalyst.

For this inaugural partnership, and taking into consideration the topic specificity and tight timeline, Morning Studio’s content experts proposed a written article that looked into the positioning of Hong Kong in the aviation world, through the voices of industry leaders and experts. The article would be hosted on and promoted via Facebook, as well as inclusion in SCMP’s eNewsletter distributed to targeted audiences. As an arm of SCMP, Morning Studio can optimally use SCMP as an ideal platform for the Belt & Road Hong Kong Centre to influence its target markets, which are the Belt & Road countries.

Via SCMP’s vast cross-industry connections, Morning Studio’s editorial experts reached out to aviation experts, including officials, to glean insights which  coalesced into an engaging piece titled: “Hong Kong remains vital aviation hub as Greater Bay Area develops, say industry experts and officials”.

The branded content written article attracted over 100,000 page views across a month, and was ranked one of the most viewed articles on that month. Amplified by the Facebook post, the article attained a reach of more than 356,000, and in excess of 1,400 engagements.

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