Why brand suitability helps you reach right customers

August 25, 2021
SCMP Updates
How has brand safety –  which involves avoiding the placement of your adverts next to inappropriate content – evolved into brand suitability?

Timmy Bankole, South China Morning Post’s associate director of digital operations, provided some answers, and highlighted the importance of protecting a brand’s reputation as readers spend an increasing amount of time online, while giving a talk at the virtual Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF Asia) held on August 18.

The online event, hosted from Singapore, offered insights and practical “how-to” advice to help the region’s marketers best tackle the business challenges posed by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic – both now and in the future.

Bankole’s talk, titled “Evolving from brand safety to suitability”, explained how brand suitability takes the concept of brand safety to the next level by ensuring online ads are placed on pages and near to content that is most appropriate and suitable so that the brand reaches the right customers. It also helps to reduce unnecessary ad spend and ensure return on investment.

He also outlined how SCMP is able to ensure advertisers’ brand suitability through the use of SCMP Signal, its own proprietary tool. Signal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse every written article and passes on key information to the adserver to ensure intelligent placement selections and optimisations in flight.

Bankole ended his talk by sharing some insights about best practices that companies can adopt to leverage their brand suitability. He said brands should:
  1. Define and tailor their brand suitability strategy to a specific publisher.
  2. Understand and set their base protection.
  3. Customise with context.
  4. Push for transparency by working directly with their partners wherever possible. 
  5. Quickly move beyond reliance on blunt technologies, such as site exclusion lists and long keyword blocklists.
  6. Focus on implementation, such as structuring buys and terms.
  7. Always evaluate, optimise, and replan.
The virtual conference also highlighted the latest marketing trends and strategies, including virtual reality, AI, influencer marketing, user experience, customer experience), e-commerce, content marketing and data analytics. 

Get in touch with Timmy Bankole, or contact SCMP Advertising today to learn how the team can help you reach your desired audience while ensuring your brand suitability.
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