Will advertising be dead by 2025?

September 14, 2017
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It might sound a bit extreme but it is an ominous possibility if advertisers today do not pay attention to the concept of receptivity. According to Kantar Millward Brown’s AdReaction report, receptivity to advertising is essential for marketers to build brands and encourage purchase.

There are two angles to the receptivity problem – one, the sheer volume of advertising and second the intrusiveness of it. In the face of increasing clutter, brands tend to shout louder in an attempt to be heard over the din. While it is true that consistent investment over time can lead to increased market share, too much frequency in a short span can have adverse effects.

The second issue is the flipside of enhanced targeting capability. As online response rates have dropped, brands have devised creative ways to reach consumers which may sometimes seem like borderline stalking. It is delicate balance as marketers try to get their content placed against relevant topics

What can they do about it?
To begin with the advertising industry needs to understand that continuing to boost the volume and intrusiveness of advertising isn't going to drive engagement. We need to adapt to a new reality.

Power to the people!
Millward Brown’s research has shown that giving people more control over how they're served ads increases receptivity. Two good examples of giving people more control are YouTube's Trueview and WeChat's Moments.

Emotion is powerful
Neuromarketing has shown us the importance of emotional connections. Share of heart should be as important as share of voice, emotional connection as important as transactional response.

Reward Quality
Currently there is no real value placed on the improved return on investment of less cluttered and higher quality online publisher environments. It is going to take a brave publisher but, Advertisers need to play a bigger role in requiring and rewarding placements with less clutter, and more evaluation work to prove their value.

Max the mix
Use the right medium to reach out at the right time when your audience is most receptive. Take the award-winning print campaign by Nivea in Brazil, which gave parents the ability to track their children's whereabouts on the beach using a print ad and a smart phone. A good example of a brand finding the perfect moment to talk.

Engage, don't threaten
Brands must use data to target judiciously and to focus on the consumer's experience of what they are delivering over the volume of interactions they deem to be "engagement".

Listen to the consumer
Positive consumer feedback should be the test before any content in any form in any media goes live. However you choose to measure it, the consumer voice matters.

Go native
Native advertising – sponsored branded content – has more potential than is currently being explored. Media owners have some amazing skills which advertisers should work with to make the format work better. A great example of effective native advertising is a recent partnership between Netflix and the New York Times, as part of the promotion of the show Orange Is the New Black.

Big Idea!
When there is so much competition, brands need to focus on creating truly remarkable ideas and experiences in order to cut through. Good creative lasts a long time and delivers a higher ROI.

If advertising is going to have a future, we should act now. The most precious asset for advertisers is the audience's willingness to engage with their brand. Advertisers and media buyers need to change if they want to communicate with a receptive audience.

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