Advertising and Marketing Solutions

SCMP Advertising and Marketing Solutions™ principal focus is to sell advertising space across the South China Morning Post print and digital product portfolio.

The South China Morning Post offers our forward-thinking readership a comprehensive portfolio of products from newspapers to magazines, special reports and supplements, glossy publications of vertical interests, directory and guidebooks. This all adds up to exciting new options to our advertisers to meet their different needs.

With the implementation of numerous digital ad options at our flagship product,, advertisers can choose from traditional banner ads to the most advanced engaging ad formats that bring an impressive conversion rate to their products. With a strong growth in the usage of mobile and tablet by affluent readers, SCMP Mobile and Tablet products offer the perfect channels for advertisers to run rich-media ads, driving strong marketing results. Our premium inventory and audience are available through direct orders and programmatically whichever best suits your needs.Through PMP and Programmatic Guaranteed, we work with brands to meet campaign goals.

Additional dedicated branded content team, Morning Studio, connect advertisers with SCMP readers through enhanced content solutions offerings. Morning Studio combines world class branding strategists, multimedia designers, and audio/video producers with editorial experts who have a deep understanding of SCMP’s readers. Crafted with SCMP’s high editorial standards, branded content is presented with the unique voice of the particular SCMP platform on which it is featured, whether, Abacus, Inkstone or Goldthread. Morning Studio’s online content can be complemented by integrated offline offerings such as sponsored supplements, bespoke publications and customised events.

Our Products

  • Digital Products

    SCMP's digital products and tools create effective advertising and marketing campaigns to reach a worldwide audience whether online or mobile gadgets.
  • Print Products

    SCMP’s editorial expertise and rapport with thought leaders bring captivating stories and insights that engage readers across varied interests.
  • Morning Studio

    SCMP's branded content team helps advertisers engage our readers through storytelling while enabling the brand behind the content to achieve its marketing objectives.