South China Morning Post - City/City Weekend

Hong Kong’s vibrant community wants to know what’s going on in town. The City section is the place to go for the latest news from the city that never sleeps, as well as a guide to understanding Hong Kong, and a forum for debate and action.

  • Covers Hong Kong news and analysis, Society, Events, TV programmes.
  • Daily Sudoku, crosswords, cartoons and horoscopes.
  • Monday to Friday.

City Weekend: Provides fascinating reads on Hong Kong’s who’s who and features that will spark lively discussion at the weekend. City Weekend will ensure our readers are kept well-informed.

  • Features key news and information about Hong Kong.
  • Sports coverage.
  • Every Saturday.
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x 4col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"Non-cancellable\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 49650,\r\n \"usd\": 6365,\r\n \"rmb\": 49650\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 66200,\r\n \"usd\": 8487,\r\n \"rmb\": 66200\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 99310,\r\n \"usd\": 12732,\r\n \"rmb\": 99310\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Front Page Solus \\tSky Banner\",\r\n \"col1\": \"5cm (H) x 7col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"Non-cancellable\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 25630,\r\n \"usd\": 3286,\r\n \"rmb\": 25630\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 34120,\r\n \"usd\": 4374,\r\n \"rmb\": 34120\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 51260,\r\n \"usd\": 6572,\r\n \"rmb\": 51260\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Front Page Solus Bottom Banner\",\r\n \"col1\": \"9cm (H) x 7col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"Non-cancellable\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 28930,\r\n \"usd\": 3709,\r\n \"rmb\": 28930\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 38580,\r\n \"usd\": 4946,\r\n \"rmb\": 38580\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 57870,\r\n \"usd\": 7419,\r\n \"rmb\": 57870\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"ROP\\t A\",\r\n \"col1\": \"54cm (H) x 7col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 82026,\r\n \"usd\": 10584,\r\n \"rmb\": 82026\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 103950,\r\n \"usd\": 13230,\r\n \"rmb\": 103950\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 142884,\r\n \"usd\": 18144,\r\n \"rmb\": 142884\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"ROP \\tB\",\r\n \"col1\": \"27cm (H) x 7col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 41013,\r\n \"usd\": 5292,\r\n \"rmb\": 41013\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 51975,\r\n \"usd\": 6615,\r\n \"rmb\": 51975\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 71442,\r\n \"usd\": 9072,\r\n \"rmb\": 71442\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"ROP C\",\r\n \"col1\": \"36cm (H) x 5col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 39060,\r\n \"usd\": 5040,\r\n \"rmb\": 39060\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 49500,\r\n \"usd\": 6300,\r\n \"rmb\": 49500\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 68040,\r\n \"usd\": 8640,\r\n \"rmb\": 68040\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"ROP D\",\r\n \"col1\": \"27cm (H) x 4col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 23436,\r\n \"usd\": 3024,\r\n \"rmb\": 23436\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 29700,\r\n \"usd\": 3780,\r\n \"rmb\": 29700\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 40824,\r\n \"usd\": 5184,\r\n \"rmb\": 40824\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Page 3 (Solus)\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 27cm (H) x 4col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"Full colour pre-empts B\\\/W\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 379,\r\n \"usd\": 49,\r\n \"rmb\": 379\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 478,\r\n \"usd\": 61,\r\n \"rmb\": 478\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 659,\r\n \"usd\": 84,\r\n \"rmb\": 659\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Back Page\",\r\n \"col1\": \"27cm (H) x 4 col OR Full Page\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 282,\r\n \"usd\": 36,\r\n \"rmb\": 282\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 355,\r\n \"usd\": 46,\r\n \"rmb\": 355\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 489,\r\n \"usd\": 63,\r\n \"rmb\": 489\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Specified Position\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 27cm (H) x 4col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 261,\r\n \"usd\": 33,\r\n \"rmb\": 261\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 329,\r\n \"usd\": 42,\r\n \"rmb\": 329\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 453,\r\n \"usd\": 58,\r\n \"rmb\": 453\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"ROP\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 8cm (H) x 2col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 217,\r\n \"usd\": 28,\r\n \"rmb\": 217\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 275,\r\n \"usd\": 35,\r\n \"rmb\": 275\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 378,\r\n \"usd\": 48,\r\n \"rmb\": 378\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Personal Announcements\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 3cm (H) x 1col\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 262,\r\n \"usd\": 34,\r\n \"rmb\": 262\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 393,\r\n \"usd\": 50,\r\n \"rmb\": 393\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 524,\r\n \"usd\": 67,\r\n \"rmb\": 524\r\n }\r\n },\r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Lineage - Min: 6 lines\",\r\n \"col2\": \"Unit Rate per line\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 87,\r\n \"usd\": 11,\r\n \"rmb\": 87\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 87,\r\n \"usd\": 11,\r\n \"rmb\": 87\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 87,\r\n \"usd\": 11,\r\n \"rmb\": 87\r\n }\r\n },\r\n \r\n {\r\n \"col0\": \"Religious Notices\",\r\n \"col1\": \"Min: 3cm (H) x 1col (9 columns)\",\r\n \"col2\": \"\",\r\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\r\n \"col3\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 47,\r\n \"usd\": 6,\r\n \"rmb\": 47\r\n },\r\n \"col4\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 70,\r\n \"usd\": 9,\r\n \"rmb\": 70\r\n },\r\n \"col5\": {\r\n \"type\": \"price\",\r\n \"hkd\": 93,\r\n \"usd\": 12,\r\n \"rmb\": 93\r\n }\r\n }\r\n ],\r\n \"footnote\": \"ROP Solus\\\/Specified Solus: +40% loading\\nFor ROP Solus\\\/ Specified Solus: minimum size is 27cm (H) x 4col\\nRates are calculated in 7 columns unless specified\\n\\nFor spot and full colour: minimum size is 21cm (H) x 2col unless specified.\\nAll rates are expressed in corresponding currency (HKD, USD or RMB): rates printed in WHITE BACKGROUND are total cost per insertion; rates printed in BLUE BACKGROUND are per single column centimetre.\\n\\nPersonal Announcement booking deadline : \\n3:00pm one day before the publication for Tuesday to Friday insertions \\n3:00pm Friday for Sunday & Monday insertions\"\r\n }\r\n ]\r\n}","field_ad_option_banner_area":"https:\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/width_1180\/public\/city_2.jpg?itok=0MX5eHze"}