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Sunday mornings are the perfect time to relax and catch up with the news at your leisure.

Sunday Morning Post gives our leisurely Sunday readers top local and global news, thought-provoking opinion and feature articles, and a more in-depth look at the week’s important stories.

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Full colour pre-empts B\\\/W\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 364,\n \"usd\": 47,\n \"rmb\": 364\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 485,\n \"usd\": 62,\n \"rmb\": 485\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 728,\n \"usd\": 93,\n \"rmb\": 728\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Page 5\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 36cm (H) x 5col\",\n \"col2\": \"Full colour pre-empts B\\\/W\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 354,\n \"usd\": 45,\n \"rmb\": 354\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 472,\n \"usd\": 61,\n \"rmb\": 472\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 708,\n \"usd\": 91,\n \"rmb\": 708\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Page 7\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 27cm (H) x 4col\",\n \"col2\": \"Full colour pre-empts B\\\/W\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 338,\n \"usd\": 43,\n \"rmb\": 338\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 450,\n \"usd\": 58,\n \"rmb\": 450\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 676,\n \"usd\": 87,\n \"rmb\": 676\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Back Page (Solus)\",\n \"col1\": \"Full Page\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 324,\n \"usd\": 42,\n \"rmb\": 324\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 433,\n \"usd\": 56,\n \"rmb\": 433\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 649,\n \"usd\": 83,\n \"rmb\": 649\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Centrespread\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 36cm (H) x 11col or 27cm (H) x 15col\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 289,\n \"usd\": 37,\n \"rmb\": 289\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 386,\n \"usd\": 49,\n \"rmb\": 386\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 579,\n \"usd\": 74,\n \"rmb\": 579\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Specified Position\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 27cm (H) x 4col\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 277,\n \"usd\": 36,\n \"rmb\": 277\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 364,\n \"usd\": 47,\n \"rmb\": 364\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 484,\n \"usd\": 62,\n \"rmb\": 484\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Front Half\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 27cm (H) x 4col\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 260,\n \"usd\": 33,\n \"rmb\": 260\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 343,\n \"usd\": 44,\n \"rmb\": 343\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 457,\n \"usd\": 59,\n \"rmb\": 457\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROP\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 8cm (H) x 2col\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 238,\n \"usd\": 31,\n \"rmb\": 238\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 312,\n \"usd\": 40,\n \"rmb\": 312\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 415,\n \"usd\": 53,\n \"rmb\": 415\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Notices\",\n \"col1\": \"\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 422,\n \"usd\": 54,\n \"rmb\": 422\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 562,\n \"usd\": 72,\n \"rmb\": 562\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 846,\n \"usd\": 108,\n \"rmb\": 846\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Cinema\",\n \"col1\": \"Min: 3cm (H) x 1col (9col)\",\n \"col2\": \"\",\n \"row_highlight\": \"highlight_blue\",\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 52,\n \"usd\": 7,\n \"rmb\": 52\n },\n \"col4\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 77,\n \"usd\": 10,\n \"rmb\": 77\n },\n \"col5\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 103,\n \"usd\": 13,\n \"rmb\": 103\n }\n }\n ],\n \"footnote\": \"ROP Solus\\\/Specified Solus: +40% loading\\nFor ROP Solus\\\/ Specified Solus: minimum size is 27cm (H) x 4col\\nRates are calculated in 7 columns unless specified\\n\\nFor spot and full colour: minimum size is 21cm (H) x 2col unless specified.\\nAll rates are expressed in corresponding currency (HKD, USD or RMB): rates printed in WHITE BACKGROUND are total cost per insertion; rates printed in BLUE BACKGROUND are per single column centimetre.\"\n }\n ]\n}","field_ad_option_banner_area":"https:\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/width_1180\/public\/SMP.jpg?itok=OqgGC1Qc"}