Sunday Morning Post - Post Magazine

Hong Kong’s most prestigious Sunday magazine is now even glossier and more compelling for readers and advertisers.

  • Insider tips for enjoying Asia’s most exciting city. Fascinating features from around the world and a Lifestyle section that’s fullof the best that life has to offer.
  • Post Magazine has a long shelf life in readers’ homes that ensures maximum exposure for every client’s advertising.
  • Every Sunday.
To learn more about our wide range of print products, contact us
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Centrespread\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 160380,\n \"usd\": 20562,\n \"rmb\": 160380\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Outside Back Cover\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 142460,\n \"usd\": 18264,\n \"rmb\": 142460\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Facing Contents Page (TOC1)\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 117070,\n \"usd\": 15009,\n \"rmb\": 117070\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Facing 2nd Contents Page (TOC2)\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 111650,\n \"usd\": 14314,\n \"rmb\": 111650\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Facing Editorial (First Three)\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 94730,\n \"usd\": 12145,\n \"rmb\": 94730\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Inside Back Cover\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 83120,\n \"usd\": 10656,\n \"rmb\": 83120\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Prime Positions - Contents Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"usd\": \"n\\\/a\",\n \"rmb\": \"n\\\/a\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 27030,\n \"usd\": 3465,\n \"rmb\": 27030\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - Double Page Spread\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 85780,\n \"usd\": 10998,\n \"rmb\": 85780\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 100480,\n \"usd\": 12882,\n \"rmb\": 100480\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 128660,\n \"usd\": 16494,\n \"rmb\": 128660\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - Full Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 42890,\n \"usd\": 5499,\n \"rmb\": 42890\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 50240,\n \"usd\": 6441,\n \"rmb\": 50240\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 64330,\n \"usd\": 8247,\n \"rmb\": 64330\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - Horizontal\\\/ Vertical Half Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 22050,\n \"usd\": 2827,\n \"rmb\": 22050\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 25730,\n \"usd\": 3299,\n \"rmb\": 25730\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 34310,\n \"usd\": 4399,\n \"rmb\": 34310\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - Junior Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 20610,\n \"usd\": 2642,\n \"rmb\": 20610\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 23180,\n \"usd\": 2972,\n \"rmb\": 23180\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 30860,\n \"usd\": 3956,\n \"rmb\": 30860\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - 1\\\/3 Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 16540,\n \"usd\": 2121,\n \"rmb\": 16540\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 19600,\n \"usd\": 2513,\n \"rmb\": 19600\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 23280,\n \"usd\": 2985,\n \"rmb\": 23280\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - 1\\\/4 Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 11640,\n \"usd\": 1492,\n \"rmb\": 11640\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 14710,\n \"usd\": 1886,\n \"rmb\": 14710\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 17160,\n \"usd\": 2200,\n \"rmb\": 17160\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - 1\\\/6 Page\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 8700,\n \"usd\": 1115,\n \"rmb\": 8700\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 10180,\n \"usd\": 1305,\n \"rmb\": 10180\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 13060,\n \"usd\": 1674,\n \"rmb\": 13060\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"ROB (Run of Book) - Banner\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 12860,\n \"usd\": 1649,\n \"rmb\": 12860\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 15930,\n \"usd\": 2042,\n \"rmb\": 15930\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": 19600,\n \"usd\": 2513,\n \"rmb\": 19600\n }\n },\n {\n \"col0\": \"Specified Position\",\n \"col1\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"+10%\",\n \"usd\": \"+10%\",\n \"rmb\": \"+10%\"\n },\n \"col2\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"+10%\",\n \"usd\": \"+10%\",\n \"rmb\": \"+10%\"\n },\n \"col3\": {\n \"type\": \"price\",\n \"hkd\": \"+10%\",\n \"usd\": \"+10%\",\n \"rmb\": \"+10%\"\n }\n }\n ],\n \"footnote\": \"All rates are expressed in corresponding currency (HKD, USD or RMB): rates printed in WHITE BACKGROUND are total cost per insertion.\"\n }\n ]\n}","field_ad_option_banner_area":"https:\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/styles\/width_1180\/public\/area_9.jpg?itok=uhKp82cK"}